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Come see me at Pax East!

January 23, 2013

So Pax East is coming up (Mar 22-24) . I’ll be talking on a panel on that Saturday with a bunch of other ex-38ers who have also gone indie. We’ll be talking about the indie life, life at 38, choice of beverages, and anything else the audience should ask us.

I’ll be paneling with the zany mastermind of Summer Camp Studios, the always friendly King Bee Digital, the super secretive, and a few others who don’t seem to have a web home yet, but are likewise super talented.

The Panel is titled “After the EndGame: Indie Studios formed by 38 Studios Alumni”. I’ve heard that it may be streamed to as well, for anyone curious that’s not in the Boston area….so that’ll be pretty neat!

I’ll *hopefully* be showing a gameplay video of Tower of Guns, depending on time available at the panel.

However, in other news, 3 of the 7 finalists have been picked, but you can STILL vote (every day, even!) for my Indie Speed Run entry, Hard Hat Ninja. If it gets closer to five stars there’s a chance the game will be put in front of Yahtzee from Zero Punctuation as a finalist and I’m KEENLY curious to know what he’d think of the terrible controls and Mike’s bizarre soundtrack. :)