June 6, 2012

I worked at 38 Studios, Curt Schilling’s MMO company, for over 5 years. For a description of what I did, see this post, or, here’s something formal and boring from my LinkedIn profile:

“As Supervising Senior Environment Artist I made sure the artists had what they needed to get their jobs done right. This often involved collaboration with programmers on such things as refining the entire terrain system, building whole lighting pipelines, the authorship of day/night cycles, prototyping shadows, tuning fog, wiring shaders, and the optimization of assets, levels, and the entire game. Additionally, I did a lot of initial concept design for whole zones, racial architecture sets, mob set dressings and more. I built assets, led a lighting crew, architected the studio’s modular asset pipeline, built dungeons, evaluated middleware, and developed UED shader networks. I was responsible for testing potential candidates, training new recruits, and establishing the kinds of practices and pipelines that could be sustained in a “living game” post-launch for years.”

Due to the nature of Project Copernicus not actually shipping, I cannot currently show most of my work from this studio. I can, however, point out evidence of some of my work from released materials.