Interior Lighting!

June 2, 2012

One of the last things I got the chance to work on at 38 was collaborating with Jim Dobbler, Jon Criner, and Drew Whitmore on lighting this interior, which Curt just publicly released on his facebook page earlier today.

Lighting is hard, and none of us were feeling confident about tackling the lighting of these particular interiors; they were circularly shaped, which led to odd focal points, they were full of windows, which made natural light a dominant factor, always competing for attention, and there was so much detail in the set dressing and texture work that it was tempting to show off everything all at once. We resolved all these issues by doing ‘lighting jams’. All four of us spent a couple of hours taking a stab at the problem individually, then we met and critiqued each other, pulling piece-meal from each artist’s solution and downplaying things we didn’t like. After a second, shorter round, where we narrowed in on elements we liked, we then designated a ‘point man’, who was responsible for implementing the best bits of everyone’s work, starting from one of the four as a source. I can’t remember truly if it was Drew’s or my own base that we finalized this particular interior from, but all four of us contributed so much to the final look that it’s safe to say we all can take credit. Once we lit one of the interiors to a quality we liked, any of the four of us could ‘follow the dance steps’ and light ALL the buildings belonging to that race quickly and awesomely, but each of Project Copernicus’ many races provided a unique problem to solve, and spending a few hours ‘jamming’ like this did wonders! It was also made for a great morale-boosting, educational afternoon!